Capturing snippets of life
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I am primarily a homeschooling mom of four fabulous kids: Ava, Israel, Egan, and Arrow. We are proud to be a part of the Classical Conversations homeschooling community, and the kids love “flipping out” at Trousdell Gymnastics, so you might have seen us at one of those places! I have a wonderful husband, Josh, who is a computer programmer by day, awesome husband/dad/photographer supporter by afternoon/night/weekend! In addition to photography, I enjoy jogging, reading, baking, watching BBC shows on Netflix, and spending way too much time reading and writing blogs! I also am involved in the Children’s Ministry at LifeBasics Church.

Photography History

I started to gain interest in photography after my daughter was born. After all, new parents take lots of pictures!!! But I discovered that baby photography is not my only passion; I enjoy wedding and engagement photography, as well! I received my first DSLR camera in April of 2008, and shot my first wedding shortly thereafter. However, in June of 2008, we moved to Tallahassee. Since I was about to have another baby and living in a new city, I decided to take a year off from pursuing photography so that I could focus on my family.

Pink Shutterbug Photography got its official start in January of 2010. I have shot 20 (and counting!) weddings with the help of my friends at Together Love Photography, PhotoJennick Photography, my husband Josh, and my friend Liz. Along the way I’ve also had the opportunity to shoot birthday parties, a baby shower, some cultural events, and even a worship service.

As my family is growing, my primary focus has shifted to family photography. It is so exciting to be asked by a family to help capture their memories, from maternity to babies to group pictures to graduation pictures!

Why the Price?

When I got married, our families’ funds were very limited, and we could not afford a professional photographer. We were blessed to have a photographer in the family that took pictures for us, but I know that not everyone has that option. As a mom, I know that, although I love having pictures of my family and understand their importance, having small children and living off one income does not typically allow for “luxuries” like pictures. I carefully choose my prices so that they are as affordable as they possibly can be while still supporting my business.

Capturing Snippets of Life

My “Photo Philosophy” is that photos are one of the best ways to remember where we have been and what God has done for us. I am honored when I am asked by anyone to help preserve those memories.
“I remember the days of old…I think about what you have done.” Psalm 143:5, NLT